1. The participation of the rented vehicle in competition races, as well as to transport illegal trade is prohibited.
  2. The rented vehicle is to be used exclusively in Mallorca, and may not be transported out of the island.
  3. The rented vehicle is all risk insured; on its own damage and liability to third parties by the Compulsory Insurance Certificate, as well as voluntary insurance policy and confident criminal defence.
  4. The insurance shall not apply in case of accident, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. The car may be driven only by the standing people in the contract. The subletting to third parties is prohibited.
  6. The tenant is not entitled to claim if because of a breakdown or accident there is a certain time delay.
  7. Punctures, damages caused to the tyres and wheel rims are responsibility of the customer. Repairs which are not authorized by the company are on customer accounts. No taxi shall be paid unless it has been authorized by Autos Omega.
  8. DRIVING LICENSE: A valid license for Spain, of at least two years old is required.
  9. EXTENSION OF RENTAL: If a contract extension is wanted by the customer, Omega has to be contacted in order to regulate the extension of the validity and insurance protection.
  10. PETROL: Fuel consumption is customer’s responsibility. He must leave the tank at the same level as received. Otherwise the difference will be charged.
  11. TRAFFIC FINES: Fines for traffic violations must be paid by the customer.
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